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help needed with imager 135


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Have you inspected the lamp? It may be still working, but if it is breaking down the machine will detect that before your eyes do. If you have a spare bulb, replace it and try again. I had a similar problem with my 2611, lamp looked fine, but replaced it, problem went away.

I have been told that the light changes as the bulb nears the end of its life, the machine can make only so much adjustment.

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I hope you did not payed for the imager 135. This is the main problem of Kis Imager 135.

  You have to adjust the lamp value with a screwdriver . The adjusting knob can be reached by rising the main cover and you will see a small space to the main PCB.

  I will be back soon with details ( i have to search the corect english words ).

Do you have a operators manual ??? You can find there the whole adjusting procedure!

Also buy a new lamp !!!

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The point you can adjust is the barcode sensor with this pot. meter.... you can enter the menu by using password 5555 I thought or 3456 and then Enter.

Here you can read the value of the barcode sensor and by adjusting the pot meter you can increase or decrease this value.

If htis doesn't help I  think you have a problem with your Glass Fiber cable.

This may be damaged inside which will reached to a too low value of light of the of red, blue, green and white light.

The machine will do a check when starting up and will look for these value's, if these don't reach the Minimum value's then you must replace such a glass fibre.

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