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DKS1550 installation- diary


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Well here we go.

Got to work at 7.40am today and the delivery guys were waiting for me along with a photo-me engineer and Phil, their sales rep.

We had decommissioned our AGFA MSC300.d the day before and it was moved to face the front door for a speedy exit.  ;D (actually I wasn't best pleased with it because it had a big sulk a few days before and blew a power supply which couldn't be repaired due to ASGFA's demise, couldn't find a secondhand one either.... So I've got loads of work to set up the new M/C with!!)

The delivery guys did a great job of swapping over the M/c's and were gone in 40 mins.

Now the engineer is gradually putting it into action.

More news as and when.


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Well, it's 5.10 and we're pretty well up and running.

I've printed several films and they look good.

The kiosks are the e-station, with card swipers so the customer can use a pre-paid account card.

We have 2 kiosks and our pc has also been networked in so we can transfer files from the pc to the dks and vice versa.

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Still progressing quite nicely.

Now day 2 of a 3 day training session.

What a lot to learn  :o

Seems very good, and I must say the prints are excellent, especially so as we are gradually fine tuning it as we go.

Having only used analogue printers I am finding I am having to unlearn a lot and start from the beginning- it would be easier if I was a 14 year old ;D

Mind you I keep reminding myself I am only 14 but with 40 years experience  ;)

More news soon- might get interesting when the trainer goes and I've got no-one holding my hand......


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Bet he forgot to set the timer, after the hour change ;)

Funny you say that-

I did remember to check it before I left on Saturday- could I find a clock setting? NO

Then it dawned on me- this thing is windows XP based, of course you don't need to set the clock- it does it itself  ;D

Needless to say when I got in on monday all was well, and yes, before you ask I did remember to reset the film processor.

Otherwise all is going well. One or two teething problems, mainly I suspect caused by me  ;)

But a phone call soon had the engineer on my doorstep. So far, and it is early days, photo-me service appears better than it used to be- keep it up guys.

I have to say the print quality is outstanding and it seems easy to use.

More news as and when.

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hello tony

not the best place to post this. but as of today we no longer trading :-(

we have hit the point when we can not meet our bills and decided to bail out before we loose our house as well,agfa have done us no favours and our customer levels is not  enough to keep going.still we have worked long and hard over the last 4 and a half years and tried our hardest, who knows maybe we will try again we are gluttens for punishment.all the best to all of you on this wonderfull forum, dont let the muppets grind you down. quality is the only way

sandra & phil

ps hope its ok with all of you if we are still are members of the forum as sandra is still going to keep going with her photography

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