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Ddab1 wont boot


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Hi there,

I have a problem this morning. I arrived in to see a black screen on my dblab1 but the unit was on. I did a breaker reset and the dlab booted up and began warming up, after this the screen went black again but this time with white lines all through it. I again did a breaker reset and the machine again got to the initializing stage and then just went black screen again.When I now try a breaker reset it will not boot and is only a black blank screen. Any help appreciaited.


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hiya they are good at doing this. First of all replace power supply behind the monitor at the left hand side at back of machine through small cream panel with holes in. Can never remember which is which but might a swell replace both as the other one will blow soon. Lots and lots of wires to disconnect and reconnect though.

Could also be done files but usually the screen stays on the initialising bit.


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