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D-Lab 1 Single Phase


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I have a D-Lab 1 that I purchased and stored at my home. I recently decided to install it as I had tons of photo's to print as well as photos my family wanted done as well. As it works out cheaper for me to do them at home and I ultimately prefer doing them myself, I ran into the electrical connection problem.

The machine is currently setup for a 3 phase connection. However, the norm for residential homes are 2 phase. (2 x 110)

Is there a way to convert to single phase? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks so much!

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Hi, A little late but....

We run A DLAB 2 in a shop. We recently moved and we looked in to having ours converted to single phase.

We had a couple of electricians take a look but it was a complicated thing to achieve... Single phase isnt stable enough to run the lab though with ease.

It might be cheaper in the long run if you get something like a 3phase converter/booster...

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