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problem with prints and borders


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Hi there,

Hopefully someone can help me. My machine is not printing an even border on the 4" glossy prints, in fact at the moment it is only printing a border on three sides and also leaving a little yellow/brown line on one side. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanking you.

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OK, first thing to check is the paper length. Double check in the settings what paper length you have (152 for 6") and then measure the resulting print and make sure that it is pushing 152. When done that, put the cassette in other side and do another print same size and measure. Then get back to me.

I finish in 15mins but if you are in the UK give me a call. 07790840602


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Hi Dorothy,

When did you have your exposure deck last serviced?

Three things you can look at in the meantime:

1. The Spring Tension of the feed rollers on the exposure deck ( before cutters).

2. Ensure that the rubber section of the rollers are not too smooth.

3. The Flap Unit to feed prints from exposure deck to Lane Distributor may be broken.


Mike RSA

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