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paper jam after cut - right


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Hi Kekec,

If you have an MSC 100d with an extended left magazine and this works no problem, then you may find that the flap unit to direct the paper from the Exposure Deck to the Lane Distributor is broken and is obstructing the paper path for the right hand magazine.

Failing this you may need to check a few things on the right hand side

1. The cutter unit rollers OK?

2. The magazine Drive belt to the clutch unit OK?

3. Is the Magazine Drive gears grub screws OK?

4. Is the solenoid for paper measurement on the right releasing properly?

5. Are the black grip rollers on the exposure deck not worn out?

6. Is the yellow rubber roller free from a sticky gel?

7. Is there any grinding noises when the Exposure belt moves completely to the right? Sensor needs cleaning or replacement.

kind Regards

Mike RSA

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