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Dlab 2 Working Point Blue Cannot Be Set


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Hi We are getting this error

working point blue cannot be set... when we try and do a laser point or any form of pbl, mbl....

we have been through the services and done an xprint now the background colour of this is blue....

we have also run get laser power and current and the laser seems to be running far too high @ 1610mv

how can we reduce this to what is supposed to be between and could this be our problem?


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Ok here's the full story... We have moved to a new shop in a mall and brought the lab with us! We had massive issues in the old shop with power because the electricity board fitted a new electric meter incorrectly and it eventually blew which caused the lab power supplys to blow also! After weeks of repairs and new parts we got the lab working!

Now we have moved to a new unit with a new 3phase supply! Do you think that now the lab is running on a new supply something is wrong!

Chemicals are new and are ok!

Fogged paper is black!

DMAX values are supplied from the paper company!

Laser was refurbished only last year, my concern is when we run get laser power and current Script in services the laser power seems to be much too high at 1500 - 1600mv when the script says it should be between 400-700mv when the laser enters standby it's power goes down to what it should be running at normally!

Could this be the problem ? Is this an issue with the laser power supply?

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Finally we seem to be getting somewhere we have adjusted the fibre optic and all colours are there on the xprint but it is quite faint a little washed out say as if its still lacking something. Also when we gor to PBL with laser point it does the exposure error.


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