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Agfa D-Lab 1 software V.3.10.C


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Dear All friends,

I want a Agfa D lab 1 software V. 3_ 10 Ver C. Bcoz I am trying with software Ver D And G but i am Not Success... 1st Bios Setting And Set Boot Device and Restart With O.S. V 1.06 Rev-C, after the OS load Window NT 2000 And Load Software Ver. D and G... but firmware download error PA & FP download Not successful... Error and see the

film processor is _______________-50% downloaded .

Scanner ------------------------------------------100% downloaded.

Paper processor .------------------50% downloaded.

so not loading Firmrware properly from  D and G software ....

So if anybody have a software please e mail me on minilabtechn@gmail.com



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The Error Is  On Agfa Dlab 1 Machine Any Idea ????

Firmware upgrade for main module(s) %1 not possible as successful initialisation was not possible.

Please Reply if Anybody Know about This problem solution...........


After loading all OS and S/w. The Paper Drive And Paper Processor Drive Also not working So I think CPU 90 A And CPU 90P board Firmwer problem or Any other problem ???

Please help me I am Waiting For Reply From Agfa Technicians..

Thanks Again In Advance

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