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MS 101 lab


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I have a question regarding this lab (MS 101) which at the momment is running well. It is connected to an Agfa image box and also has  the IP connected. If a customer sends down images to print from say a 2G memory card all works fine. However if the send down lots of images to the lab from say an 8G card the IP crashes.

I appreciate this is a memory problem and the age of the minilab doest help.

Is there anyone who has had this problem and got around it.

Can the IP be upgraded?

Can the minilab be upgraded?

Are they both just too old to support modern day file and image sizes.

A new lab is not an option at the momment.

Any suggestions or direction would be much appreciated.

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You can increase the RAM on the NT- IPU + upgrade to the last availabel PFDF2XML version. It will help. Unfortunately for large images you have to resize them using a batch facility such as

irfanview. Or upgrade te imagebox/Kiosk  to a new SW that correctly resizes images for the print format/size.

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