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Dlab-1 Unknown error occured


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Hello everybody,

I have again a problem with our d-lab 1 minilab. It won't start, it says Unknown error occured - Inform the support team. This is after the "Connecting to image PC" phase. It mades a few resets but the result is the same. I noticed for a short time an error message (where usually says "connecting to image PC"): Internal error GUI not respondig detected. Any ideeas, please? What is wrong, what should I do to repair it? Thank you.

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Problem solved by reinstalling all the aplications. It wasn't too hard, the Norton Ghost copied the windows back to the drive. If you have to reinstall the software, don't forget to back up these files and directories: 1.combiprint








After the install copy them back to the initial location. Good luck.

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Dear All Friend

I delete the done.file and this error problem solve go to software start agardnd machine working but

in theare some Film processor and printer error 8-9 error inside but its German Language so how i can change the language without going inside software setting because the error not cleared not go to setting option.

Please help me


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