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Kiosk replacement


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Good afternoon all!

I've gone and burned out the motherboard on one of my Imagebox kiosks! Anyone know of a good source for parts or replacements? Or maybe you have one that's gota  good motherboard?

Also, has anyone ever just built a pc to run as a kiosk? Any luck with that?


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If you wanna replace the original motherboard you can order it to minilabfactory or integra in USA, SAAL for Europe. This will be very expensive, the best option is geniestar sowtware, it can work in any type of kyosk or been installed in any PC in order to be used as a kyosk. I had it installed in my labtop for while sending orders to a dlab2 with no problems, this software works with fuji and noritsu too. You just required install the dworkflow for agfa machines.

Check it out.


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