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PP: BX Heater Defective


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Check the temp sensor could be defective  or you need to recalibrate the sensor reading. Remember there is only +/- .3 of a degree anything over and it will give you a error  had problem with dev over heating but found that SSR was defective aslo check fuses they could be loose. If you need to recalibrate sensor you need a meter that will give you .1 increments of a degree and place it next too the temp sensor

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I would put money on it being the SSR on the board under the panel, bottom LHS of the sorter. If you haven't had to do this yet, the age of the machine will almost certainly point to needing this soon. We replaced the bleach and stabiliser SSR's over a period of about a year as they are prone to failure. The intermittent nature of the the fault also suggests this.

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