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Fuji Paper on DLab 3


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Hi there, hope everyone had a good easter.

Would like some help on setting up some Fuji stock to print on DLab 3.

I have brought in a roll from my old Fuji lab that I would like to try, Fuji Crystal Archive Lustre 6inch.

Does anyone have the correct settings I need to add into the master setup, I've done a PBL and its looking pretty good so far. However on each PBL, it will come up with "Warning, the obtained max densities deviate from the defined reference values"

Our typical PBL's will do about up to 7 test prints, the fuji has only done about 5.

At the moment the setting are on our previous Kodak paper channel.

DMAX Red: 2.06         Cal.Factor Red: 1.07

DMAX Green: 2.4         Cal.Factor Green: 1.05

DMAX Blue: 2.6         Cal.Factor Blue: 1.05

what are the settings for Fuji CA Lustre?

cheers for any help

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Thanks for the reply Ignitus,

Basically I put the fuji roll into a canister that was empty and used that channel that was already set up(kodak 4in Royal I believe). The previous people may have used old stock in it that may explain the dmax?? maybe??

We would like to transition all our papers to the Fuji Crystal Archive range and rid our other excess stocks.

I am new to the Dlab (from frontiers). I would like to set up a new channel from scratch if possible, any ideas?

Thanks again

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OK - What chemistry are you using or have you mixed fresh TS? (tank solution)

Which Fuji papers do you want to use?

Which paper size is set as the MBL paper?

Do you have documentation for the D3?

Which Frontier r u used to?(just for interest and workflow- icc profiling etc)

You can check/determine the Dmax by checking the logfiles during a PBL cal with laserpoint and also check if the fiber is OK and some other stuff etc.

If you need more info drop me a mail.



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At the moment we are using Cpac Chemicals (australia), Chemical are fresh, BX, Stabs replaced 3-4 weeks ago, Dev is fine.

At the moment DNP Centuria FD 6inch Super-Luxe is our Master Paper.

We are wanting to use Fuji Crystal Archive Paper Gloss and Lustre only (6in, 5in & 8in)

How do I check the fibre?

Have previously used 370 & 570 Frontiers.

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