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Netlab.2plus - Paper processor stops!


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Hi all.

Have an intermittent issue withour Netlab2.Plus where the paper processor seems to loose communication with the front end.


PR: SD_LS05 not found after transport (ST)

Paper stops at  entry for the processor at the Roller Shutter assy just before it enters the Develolper section

Sometimes there will be prints remaining in the processor when the message presents, other times a print will be partially exiting the dryer.

Appears to be some sort of interrupt, but it could be that last sensor in the SD  Unit as paper is  transported to the Sheet Transfer drive.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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The  Paper Processor intermittently  stops only, all other aspects of the machine are functional. Well now it  (the PP) doesn't turn on at all.  A check in the rear of the processor where all the power comes in and PSU's are located shows no voltages anywhere....no supervisory power LED's.

So looks like the expensive Alpha-400 switch mode PSU #1 has decided to die.

These are longer available I believe so what is SAAL using in the new models to replace this device?

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Thanks to all for  your help.

We were in a flap and needed the PSU repaired or replaced ASAP. Found the service Co in Sydney who are the current importers for LAMBDA (TDK) Power Supplies &  still repair the  old  Aplha 400's and once did the same for AGFA when they were operational in Australia. Same day repair cost us AUD$900.

FYI:  The comapany is called AMTEX.

And to majedyounso, I'll keep that tip (previous post above) in mind for the next time it expires. I had thought of this option but wasn't sure if the Alpha had a dedicated handshake to the main CPU.

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