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agfa dlab 1 print problem


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hiya we have an Agfa Dlab 1 and for while we are noticing a blotch type mark on the photos. The mark is on the right hand side of the print, on a 12 x 8 print it is roughly 3 inches in from the top and 3 inches from the right. It only shows on plain backgrounds like blue sky. When we produce a 5 x 5 print the mark appears at the edge of the print 1.5 inches down from the top. We have changed the print engine, dvi cable both pc's, graphics card and also the framework that supports the print engine. Any ideas please?? ta Nick

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It will be great if you could upload a picture to have this problem straight.  A cloudy effect could occur due climate room instability, try warming up print engine prior being used with a hair dryer. Other possible cause would be a light reflection from any part of PA, light could be going inside paper path before it gets PP, normally LD area. Try turning off all light sources where machine is operating, check if this effect decrease working this way.

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hiya all thanks for replies please find an image attached. we have gone down the reflected light route and taped lots of things and even place card at the side of the lens but have not tried printing with lights out. Minilab area is at about 20 degrees c. thanks Nick

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Dear sir

if you have problem in the firmware you must first reinstall the software and then you must make gradient and after that you must calibrate the master papaer with PBLif the problem is stay you must make ghost image for your LCD maybe work if still the problem after you work all this you must change print engine

technical for agfa in syria

Majed Younso

best regards

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Dear for ghost image

Scripts to compensate double images (ghost images)


Shifted ghost image (double image) of dark picture areas.

Effects at high contrast edges.


Possible drift of analog circuit for LCD triggering.


Scripts to compensate double images (ghost images)

- Ghost = double image, shifted up to 4mm, see picture 1 (Printcycle_GS.txt)

- DelayCount = double image, shifted up to 1mm, see picture 2 (Printcycle_Delay.txt)

- Use 8” glossy paper for test


Some EEPROM´s of Exposure Controll Boards in the field may be write protected.

For those Machines you have to use the attached  "Write_GS_to_EEPROM.txt or Write_Delay_to_EEPROM.txt" script.

- Scripts_for_Service\ General

Perform Script Image_to_ABD.txt

Select image GhostTest.bmp or DelayCountTest.bmp depending of the shifted distance of the ghost image.

Select magnification ”1”

- Scripts_for_Service\ Exposure_Controller

Perform Script Printcycle_GS.txt (5 prints) for ghost images shifted up to 4mm, or Script Printcycle_Delay.txt (8 prints) for ghost images shifted up to 1mm, depending on the size of the ghost image.

- FN-number of the "Exposure" is a 5-digit number on the front of the exposure unit

- Select the test prints of Printcycle_GS.txt or Printcycle_Delay.txt

- Note the GS-parameter: xx or delay=xxx of the back print text on the print without visible

  ghost effects. If the ghost effect is not visible on several prints, take the print in the middle of

  this series.

- Scripts_for_Service\ Exposure_Controller

Perform Script Write_GS_to_EEPROM.txt or Write_Delay_to_EEPROM.txt Enter the number of the GS-parameter or the number of the delay=xxx of the print without the ghost effect under Optimal delay value


best regards

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