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EC & MZ firmware, Dlab 1


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I'm having some problems trying to download complete firmware for PA (EC & MZ). Giving up some instruction for a customer, I tried on my Dlab1 to download EC firmware just it is done in Dlab2, going to service, firmware download and selecting some version of EC firmware. After this machine init sequence start to stop in blue status bars SC and PA saying that inizalization was complete, but machine stays in blue bars screen and nothing more. I checked out PA CPU and any led was not blinking. I put dip switch 1 on and back off for deleting flash rom, 90A-CPU. Machine started to download Printer firmware (001550 ver), but EC and MZ are not loaded. Machine still stops showing complete PA and PP inicialization finished but it remains there. 90A-CPU led do not blink and if I perform firware version script only shows loaded version for PP, den, printer but MZ and EC appears with cero. OS and main sw loaded at least four times with no succes. How I can perform a firmware download for EC and MZ? Regulary, in my experience, was enough just working with dip switches and having SW upgrade option in the watchdog checked, then machine used to update firmware automatically, I don't know why is not possible right now. MC data are ok

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