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D-Lab 2 Prints lines on enlargements

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Hi all, my D-lab 2 Select (Solid State Laser) is printing lines on A4 and A3 enlargements.  It's not 'n line running through the whole photo, only in the corners of A3's and 'n thin line through the middle of A3 and A4's. The lines are a reddish brown colour. I made sure that the machine is completely clean and it is definately not roller marks, because whenever I send a blank white A3 print through NO marks appear. Also on the photos that we print, if its got a lot of white, the marks (lines) will not be printed, only when colour is displayed on that exact spots where the lines are normally printed. It prints exactly the same lines on each and every print on exactly the same spot.

I would appreciate any help.  Kind of urgent as we are entering a HEAVY BUSY period now.


Nico van Rooyen

Alpha Photo & Print

+2751 447 1599

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Hi Nico,

I guess your A3 & A4 are being done from the same paper cassette.

Had this about 5 yrs ago  with 12" paper and it turned out to be scratching of the paper prior to exposure. Seem to remember that it was the inlet guide on the cutter unit that was at fault. Took the guide assembly off and polished it and the scratching went away.

The reason it is not as noticeable on unexposed paper is that when an exposure is made on top of a scratch, the edge of the scratch causes a slight diffraction in the beam from the laser which then gives rise to a different colour from the adjacent pixels.

Hope that helps.


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Had a similar problem on our D2- turned out to be the belts in the upper assembly were slack so the paper hesitated and caused a line to appear- there is an adjustment so you can tighten the belts. Usually it affects smaller sizes.

Is the line running with the direction of travel or across? If it is across, I'd check the belts. Took us 6 months to pinpoint it!

Roger Marshall,

Photofinish, Barbados

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The way you described it in first post I thought you meant it was a thin line hence my reply.

Having seen the marks on the x-print, this is certainly not scratching.

It will be well worth cleaning the 45 degree mirror at the end of the FLR under the silver box cover. This has caused issues in the past for me so I now have this out each month and gently clean it. When the cover is removed you will see that the mirror is held in by 4 black sprung clips. Before you remove anything you will need to gently mark the top of the mirror in such a way that you later know how it goes back in. Just use a fine perm marker pen and put a mark next to one of the clips.

Remove the screws from the top,left and right clips. Then loosen the screws from the bottom one enough so that you can carefully remove the mirror. The mirror is surface silvered and will scratch VERY easily so only clean gently with cotton wool and, if possible, distilled water.

When clean, replace and do a few prints.

I will have a think if it could be anything other than this.


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Morning Richard

Thanks for the helpful hints thus far. Just cleaned the 45 degree mirror (did look rather stripy and dirty) and just made the first print.

Unfortunately didn't change a thing. I was hoping if it didn't take the lines away that it would at least change them in some way but it didn't.  At least now I know that it's got nothing to do with the mirror.

Trial and error seems to be the only way with these Dlabs.

This is the first print I've printed after cleaning the mirror.

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Just a question, do you think this could be dirt on the polygon or lenses in the FLR ? I know this usually causes 'white' ghosting rather than dark.

I would not like to explain to Nico how to take the FLR apart unless there is a very good chance that this could be the problem as I know how easy it is to cause problems in the FLR if everything is not set correctly.


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