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I am currennly have an new challange with this dlab.

Recenly was a power failure on the electrical sistem and i assume the problems starts from there OR because the machine was not maintained!

So here it is...

Initially, the MPU was restarting randomly... after i took the case out i noticed the one fun was not running in the motherboard...

After i changed the fun...

Everything started to work normal... at least it seemed...

Because now i have another challange which is:

The machine start up normaly...

After i print a few orders, it reset again only software wise, with the error that he cannot comunicate with the IPU

which is true, when everything is working fine, if i ping the imagepc, i get reply... so at one point during the order process somehow the IPU gets stuck, and does not respond anymore to the ping... but if i switch DVI connection with the Monitor, on the IPU machine is in the normal stat [black screen=ready for printing].

i don`t know if it is a hardware or software problem...

I did used, other memories, other power supply... and nothing chanced...

+ randomly when i start the dlab, it gives me error in the green led, were is telling me that is overtemperature, and if i restart the dlab it solves the error... anyhow i did cleaned what they say that i have to clean... maybe can be a problem to the exposure?

+ IF i print 4 pictures in one surface with index prints, i get the error regarding the non comunication with IPU much faster then if i print normal pictures 15x20.... i guess somehow something is stressing more !

Thank you for your help!

Thank you in advance!


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