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Need your help please Dlab-2 Polfilter problem

Arfaoui Digital Photolab

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I m new here in this forum , actually my dlab2 had some blue laser problems like power drifting for blue laser..etc until yesterday it showed me : blue Polfilter defficency problem its in french so if someone knows " Filtre polarisation bleu deffectueux" . should the whole FLR be replaced ? or should i replace just the blue AOM amplifier (LA-BE04 AOM BLUE)    ?  

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Hi I have the same problem with my DLAB-2

My gas laser is completly new

but  when I tried to calibrate the fiber with  the script "adjust fiber"  the first time i calibrated it gives to my 420 mV and I restarted the machine with "ON"  and then without moving any knob when I run the scrip again it only gives to me 120 mV.... WHAT COULD BE THE REASON FOR THIS ?  

Well I tried to calibrated again and doesn't give me more than 200mV, and also the machines show and error that says

"POLARIZATION FILTER BLUE DEFECTIVE" my question is ¿Could be this error the reason for the low level of the fiber adjustment ?    

What should I check to determinate if this filter is ok?

the laser power and current is 320mV and 04,5 A

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Thanks for the replying

And another thing, In another time we had exactly the same problem "POLARIZATION FILTER BLUE DEFECTIVE"  

and when I tried to calibrate the fiber only gives 120 mV MAX then we brought a technician from venezuela and he checked the flat cable that conect  the LFB Distributor CARD (LA_GS01) with the mainboard and a line was broken he changed that cable and it worked normaly adjusting the fiber with a value of 550 mV,

I already checked that cable and is OK Now my question is please could you tell me, if a problem with this card could make that the reading of the values in calibration would be erroneous? and what else I should check (cards, cables, setup values of printer, AOM) before trying to recalibrate the fiber again?

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ofcourse  the FLB and it's cables and plugs are important part of the measuring system and

should be always OK to get the right measuring value .

the fiber adjustment is completely independent  from the AOM .

and I will send you the PDF which you asked me to send .

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