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Color problem on DLAB3


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Hello everyone. Couple month ago I visit this forum with problem of the laser on my DLAB3. Now I have different problem that is giving me a headacke. Black color on my photos is not quite a black it has a little bit blue. I did change the chemistru in mashine but it did not help a lot. I spoke with couple service man but no one coud not tell me exactly what to doo ( one of them toold me that I have to replace the FLR, the other toold me to replace AOM...). The laser is a year old (it has 3500 working hour, curent 6.4a and 2400mv). Can enyone tell me what to doo.

PS: Sorry for my poor english.

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I have done a service on my mashine 2 months ago by serviceman. I did have some problems ( erors:PR: POWER / PAPER GAIN VALUE BLUE can not be SET, PAPER calibration). Serviceman  adjusted fiber end since than I dont have any error mesages on mashine. But lately I notice that my MBL print is not quite righ (black color becomes a little dark blue). I can still work with mashine but I would like to produce better fotos(I dont have any error mesages on mashine). I did compare some fotos from other mashines (frontier nority) and it simes that those pictures are much sharpener(more details) than my. And what do you men by changin fiber, as I do understand some of my colegs, it has to be done somewere in germany and by changing whole FLR( if I understand them good).

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the laser power 2400mv is too high and it caused by a bad fiber optic or poor fiber adjustment

according to fiber replacement I think it could be done by a good technician and no need to

replace the whole FLR

finally,we will talk about about the sharping and details after your machine running perfectly .  

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aksk why you dont answer my problemmm????

please help me in my two topic dlab 3 and dlab 1

i have proble with this 2 machin

when my machis crashd i buy 2701 noritsu but this machin can not print negative films nice printed very bad

i should run 1 of agfa machins i thing you can help mee to restart the dlab 1 i have a just  perescaner error !!!!!

i write some note in my topics  :'(

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