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Dlab2 "ERROR- PR:Laser power Red too low"


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If it is a refurbished FLR then you have a 12 month warranty. I have found some problems with the PE-GS01 PCB contacts/power to the Red Laser Diode and cable connectors, but in most cases the FLR had to be returned under warranty .

Get a certified tech that at least deals with the suppliers Minilabfactory or Askion. If the top lid of the FLR has been opened and the warranty seal  broken - sorry no warranty unless this was done one of their techs.

How old is the Gas laser??

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The gas laser is relatively new, Oct 08, and we hardly had our machine turned on unless doing print run to save the lifespan of the overall machine.

The FLR is a brand new one with new AOM too since June 09. Hence, we're kinda lost after spending quite a sum on those replacement parts and the DLab just died on us suddenly.

Will have a check on GS01 tomorrow but I reckon the least possibility it was caused by it. As mentioned earlier, we were printing fine with about 200 photos out. At the end of it we activated MBL and it just stopped there. Not long after came the Error message..........

Sigh! Anymore ideas? Software glitched? PCB board went nuts? Any script to run to check with reference values?

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Hi momentopictures

can you load the defaulte value for the AOMs from the script (load AOM)and confirm

after running the script with (D)to load the defaulte value .

when the script is done restart d-lab and try to do PBL whith laser point then an MBL.

but let me know what will happen.

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Thank you aksk for your suggestion.

We have started up the D-Lab2 and realised there wasn't any LED being lighted up on the Printer Board. If I'm not wrong, I do remember that there will be some green/yellow LED on the far left on the board that will light up when the machine is initialising, so will there be a 2 digits being shown on the top left. The printer board which is located behind the panel of the Lab2 wordings on the machine.

Can someone with the D-Lab2 please check if our finding is right, the printer board has failed, and it has caused the malfunction.

We did try to run the pr_board_test.txt and it failed as well.

Thanks for your assistance

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press control+alt+F12 then you will have small message on the screen

confirm with yes then restart the machine .

it will open the software without any error but dosen't able to print .

after that go to the service to reach the scripts.

(when you finish you must do the control+alt+F12 then yes then restart to get the normal situation

of the machin back)

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by this readings your gas laser is working and it has a good value and the maine board

you have talked about is working .

on more thing ,I need you to read the monitor diodes value .

in this script you can see the actual voltages and the current voltages

for the red,green,blue laser .

scripts for service/printer/laser/read_monitordiodes.txt

(when you loaded the default value of the AOMs did you get message at the end like.)

(((((default AOM lut has been loaded)))))))

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I have seen this error a cupple of times, and it is mostly the ampfier on the back of the red diode on the FLR. Check the 4 power transistors

you can see on the print if one of them have another color (becouse of owerheating). I have also one time seen a customer self adjusted

the levelscrews on the FLR, and leveted the FLR so high that the gray flatcabel in top/back of the FLR was worn on the frame and short circuit

the cable. This cable goes to the red monitordiode, so..

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Hi aksk,

We've dismounted the FLR from the machine and it's on its way back to Germany. Ouch on the freight charges!

The one who sold it to us is Foto+Minilabsysteme R Saal.

They are the one still producing the D-Labs. However, not the most patient people to get support from, unlike the people here  ;D

To Fischer:

The FLR was replaced using the original height that the previous one had sat on. We did not do any adjustment to it. Since it has been taken out we can't do any checking now.

Thank you guys for your suggestions and help here. Greatly appreciate. I did wish I could attend the D-lab tech course....... :-/

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Our FLR has finally returned earlier this month after repair work has been done to it. We were told that the red profilter in it was somewhat jammed. Hence the problem occured. Well, guess it's just hard luck for a relatively new FLR and a hardly turned on machine (unless we've projects for printing) to breakdown. Thank you all for the supports and suggestions.

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