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DLAB2 Docking Problems


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Hello There

We have recently had problems with the docking system in that it is not docking. We get the message on screen to say docking process running and that the replenisher tanks are empty but the machine simply wont dock so we have to put the chemicals and water in ourselves...

Also recently we have had BL Replenisher Pump Malfunction when it "starts" to dock. The docking system then goes into emergency mode. When we have looked at the replenisher tanks the DEV and STB tanks are both empty however the BL tank is half full still....

Any clues as to what would be the cause of this problem ?


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You will see the inlet pipe (front of pump) and outlet pipe(rear of pump).

The inlet pipe can be safely removed from the pump without risk of much excess chemistry spilling from the pump/valve Ensure that you put absorbant rags around the pump just in case any BX does leak. The pipe is attached to the pump via a 90 degree attachment that screws onto the pump. Gently unscrew the black collar that holds this adapter on to the pump and draw out towards you. The poppet valve will probably stay inside the pump when you remove the pipe so grab the 'spike' that you will see inside and remove it. My guess is that you will see it caked up with what looks like orange plasticised b/fix. Just remove this and rinse the valve. If the valve is damaged in any way it will need replacing.

When done replace the valve into the hole with the 'spike' outer most. Refit the collar.

To take the rear one off is the same proceedure but when you undo the collar there will be about 80ml of BX in the pipe that will suddenly spill out so make sure you are ready with plenty of cloths wrapped around the whole area of the pump.

The poppet valve is the same as the other one but will be the oposite way around so that the 'spike' goes into the hole first.


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