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Hi there

Just a quick question. We are getting faint lines on our 12" prints and we cant

remember were we have to clean to get rid of it. It is just a dust line by the

looks of it. We have had this problem before and it was sorted by cleaning

something. What that something is however remains to be seen...

Any Clues


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The grey box at end of FLR is a cover for a surface silvered mirror. DO NOT remove that unless you know what you are doing, as if you scratch it you will have 'ghost lines' on prints and need to buy a new mirror.

Pull the print engine out and look straight in from the end towards the drum and belt assembly using a torch. You will see what looks like a flat plastic plate running left to right about 14" long with a 10mm slot in it running the full length of the plate.

You need to get a thin long bristled brush like a pastry brush and a can of compressed air wilt a long flexible tube on it. Try to get the brush in and move left and right a few times in the slot. Then if possible, put the end of the compressed air tube into the slot and gently blow left and right to remove any bits of dust.

This will cure any dust/hair lines, but you may have to do it several times to totally get rid of any marks.

If you are in UK, give me a call if not sure where to look.

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