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agfa fp2-72

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I found this solution while I was also working as E-6 operator (and technician) and I had tool (hydrometer) for measuring specific gravity for E-6 chemistry, but one off that had aslo the range to measure the specific gravity for C-41 bleach:

Kodak RA Bleach NR = 1.130 to 1.160

In the Z-131 Kodak manual this is stated: "Inadequate bleaching can also cause retained silver because not all the metallic silver is converted to silver halide. . Leuco-cyan dye and retained silver adversely affect image quality, but you can correct both conditions by rebleaching and refixing the film in good solutions." This means that you can rebleach the film again to save it.

I received call from one customer which had issue with 110 film ISO 400 that had silver stain on exposed part off the film, and by the way this issue with overconcentrated bleach first start to show on high ISO films.

I brought this hydrometer to the shop and measured the density off the Bleach and I realized that it is over the top limit (1.160), also I developed control strip which also reflected this problem on the plot.

Then I started to dilute the Bleach and in the same time I run control strips, I gradually diluted the Bleach and also positive reaction was reflected to the control strip measurements (DMaxB-Y, if I remember correctly).

Actually this is expected problem now with so small number off films developed and because the replenishment rate off the bleach is very low (5 ml/m), more water from the bleach is evaporating from the tank then what new replenishment can add.

I would recommend adding the water in the morning start to fill all tanks or on Noritsu V series this is Auto Water Refill option.

Our office V30 is running for some time now with 100% more replenishment rate and process is more or less stable, from time to time it is necessary to dilute the bleach, but not that often.

On the end, there is new Kodak chemistry for low use process (KODAK FLEXICOLOR LU Developer Replenisher LORR): http://wwwcaen.kodak.com/global/en/business/retailPhoto/products/chemicals/flexicolorLU/main.jhtml?pq-path=12085/12319/12549/14677

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