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D-Lab 2 Colour Change on Prints

Alpha Photo

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Hi, my D-lab 2 Select (Solid State Laser) started printing funny. It's 4 years old and in a very good condition but lately I started getting colour shift on prints. This happens on all size prints. It hasn't got any problems doing MBL or PBL and the prints come out with perfect colour, but every now and the I get a photo or 2 that has what looks like a blue overcast on it. Sometimes also not the whole photo but only one half of it.

Please see the attachments to get a clearer understanding of what I meen. I didn't edit the photos, I only typed "Regte Kleur" on the parts of the photos where it is the right colour as the photo should look like.

Please Help!?!

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I have a dlab2, but with gas laser rather than solid state.

Currently on to my 4th laser unit, but have never seen anything like you are getting. It really does look like an intermittant laser failure from the images you posted.

Have you been getting Blue laser error messages at all ?

Would certainly be worth getting the unit looked at by someone who could fine tune the voltages so that the laser is not running at it's maximum all the time.

Sorry I cant be more help at the moment, but I will think on it and repost if anything comes to mind.

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I have the same problem with my d-lab2 SSL (shimadzu laser), not permanently but sometimes this problem apears 2/3 times on day.

I am from romania, where electric network is not very good, our technician said that this can be a problem or one of the AOM could be unstable.



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Hi all, had the lazer tested, nothing wrong with the voltages. Something else is, al the prints are now only blue, there are not even parts of it that is still the right colour. According to the x-print the AOM's are driving strong and fine, but even the x-print is purple in stead of grey because of that blueish overlay.

Any other ideas??

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