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Can I use Kodak RA Stabilser for startup in NetLab


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Just wondering whether anyone can advise if I can use our normal Kodak RA Stabilser (which comes in 2 litre bottles for our lab) as a start-up mix instead of having to break up and destroy 2  cartridge boxes for the sake of the exercise.

We are running the Kodak 92/110 chemistry.


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Taken from the Kodak tech PDF

I can not see any problem using standard Lorr rep

To change the stabilise:

1. Drain the existing tank solution and save it for silver


2. Remove the racks and clean them thoroughly with a

soft sponge or brush under running water. Also

brush any dirt or residue from the sides of the

stabiliser tanks, and flush them with warm water.

3. To refill the tanks with fresh stabiliser, add

10.9 litres of water to each of the stabiliser tanks. If

you are using stabiliser supplied in a dispenser

bottle (European CAT 527 0863), then start with

10.8 litres of water.

4. To each tank, add the contents of one bottle of the

10-litre size of KODAK ENTAILER PRIME

Stabiliser and Replenisher LORR. If you’re using a

stabilizer unit that makes a larger volume of

solution, measure 100 mL of the concentrate and

add it to each tank. The tank will appear partially


If you are using dispenser bottle* CAT 527 0863,

then add the quantity 2x the level A mark. The tank

will appear partially filled.


*Not available in all regions.

5. Slowly insert the stabilizer

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