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DLab 2 - Colours Not Right after New Laser


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Hi there

We are having problems. We have had a new laser put into our D-LAB 2 we did have

a few problems getting it aligned but intime we have.

Now when we started to print with the laser aligned etc.... all the prints were

coming out all wrong. The colours were completly off.

We have done an X-Print from the service files and the following results

The Red Bar is Blue

The Green Bar is Pink

The Blue Bar is Yellow

Upon speaking with our engineer they said that because our machine had been

stood for 3weeks doing nothing then the chemicals had "gone off" so the

following day we re-tanked.

The prints are still coming out of the machine with the same colours. Ruling out

the Chemicals

Could this be a problem with the Laser, Fibre Optic Cable ???

Thank you for any help in advance

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It is a good job the Red bar is Cyan, Green is Magenta and Blue is Yellow because that is what they should be.

From the left the coloured bars should visually  be :








You say the colours are completely off. In what way ?

Have you done Laser Points with the papers you are judging prints from? If not, you need to.

Feel free to give me a call. 01299 827813

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