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D-Workflow (Image-Box -> Dlab2)


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I have a problem with Dlab2 to get the network orders working.

I can get the pictures from the image box to the d-Workflow server

but the Dlab doesn't connect to the server.

I checked the IP and the port(5001) of the server .

I see there is a image in the DB directory of the d-Workflow server.

What do i have to change/adjust to get it working?

If u need more information i will give it.

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Hi there

Hope you have got your problem sorted. Just to check though,

On the PC that your DWORKFLOW is running from do;



type: CMD and hit return

then type ipconfig in the command box

just check the IP Address in the box is the same as what you have entered under

newtwork settings - remote orders on your dlab. generally that..

Although we learned that unless you use the same username to log onto your pc as the DLAB does then they dont connect. A&O told us this. Whether it works who knows.

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