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DLAB 2 Problems


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Hello. We had a problem which we started a thread about however we have sorted that out.

I wonder now if anybody knows what could be causing our . PCB Board part no CL+P5A-E5436. its the paper processor PCB down behind the sorting rack.

We can work and use the machine for a while then all of a sudden the PCB cuts out and the fans and motors at that end stop.

We shut it down then switch main breaker and after a while switch it on and it does work again only for a while. but this takes a good few attempts.

Can anybody help please.  

Many Thanks

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That is a strange one. I know there is a thermal cut-out switch inside the dryer area which has the same function but you have to manually reset this, so a breaker reset won't help. My suggestion would be to log the problem on minilabhelp.com (yahoo groups) which is where all the Agfa techs and lab owners talk. You will get a response in minutes.

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