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white line on digital prints


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can anyone help with ideas what I could do

to get rid of white line on the edge of digital prints

I'm using agfa MSC 300.d

I have gone over every part that I can find with a cleaning spray

that includes the exposure table , the rollers on the cutters , the rollers in the paper magazines and all the rollers in the dry part of the printer ( now I know this is out side the problem but I was frustarated so I took it out in cleaning :) ) I whent as far as cleaning the space where you put the paper magazines.

so I figure the printer should be clean.

so I started plaing around with the center print option

it helps a little but not enough and it looks like I can only go between -2 /+2

any more and it will offset the picture from the longer side

so next i switced papers matt/glossy from side to side to see if I can strike a ballance there

no good my left side refuses to go with me in anything and makes a 1.5mm white on the edge

no mather what I do

the right side is a pit more acommandatin and does 0,5 mm line

so I measured the papres it seems that it cuts the paper too long

the cut leangth is set at 152 for 15cm long paper like it shoud be but now the actual paper is that long

so now I don't know why it does that ?

any one please I'm crowing cray hairs too soon.


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I think my problem is in the cut lenght

15cm long pics are coming out 153-154mm depending wich side the paper is in

13 cm pics the same 133mm

I just don't know what to do with it ...

I will try modifaing the cut lenght for the paper but I don't think that will

do any good.

( 35mm film pics are ok )

it's getting worse now I get suprise pics with also the top ( the long side )

of the pic desplaing a white line on 1mm

this is coming up about every 20-30 pics

and I haven't chainged anything jet


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