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We have been trying to negotiate with Agfa finance  over our dlab2.

They removed the machine in november delivering it direct from us to a new owner.

Having agreed a settlement figure with them we were in the process of working out a repayment schedule,

When they served us with a statutory demand for FULL payment of the original outstanding balance, with threat of bancruptcy proceedings if not fulfilled within 21 days.



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I mentioned this to an ex. Agfa rep who is a regular of ours. He said that in the early days after Agfa's collapse they were keen to negotiate and some people came away with some good deals. That would have set a precedent so perhaps you could ask other Agfa customers you know locally how they got on. Confidentiality may mean they can't say much but you'll get an idea anyway.

He said the decisions ultimately went back to Belguim but there must be someone here in the UK steering things. Check with Companies House as to who the Agfa Finance drectors are. Apparently in other countries they ended up being ex AgfaPhoto executives who were still plying their trade with new companies - and selling the people they were trying to topple.

Tony is right though. See a Solicitor and take all your correspondence with you to back up the negotiations so far.

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Does this mean that you are now without your Dlab2 ? I am selling my Dlab2, Noritsu Film Processor and all the accesories.  I don't know what your settlement fig. is with Agfa Finance, but I am sure for a fraction of that, we can agree a price and you will OWN your own Dlab2 which is in excellent working order.

If this is of interest to you, let me know.

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