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Agfa - Did you get caught too.


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Like it is happening in the USA, we are in the process of starting litigation with Agfa in its various formats.

We have already applied for a Summary Judgement against AgfaPhoto Finance on the grounds that this is just a 'hollow front' for collecting lease agreement payments from disgruntled Agfa customers.

The parent Agfa has discharged its obligations by selling out (to the now, not surprisingly either, the liquidated AgfaPhoto Ltd)  to get away from its liabiality.

We decommissioned three minilabs, one of them being the MSC300.d, because of consistent problems, poor service and then eventually for being refused service contracts. For the hastily assembled and not well tested, analog/digital hybrid MSC300.d we were refused a contract because of too many call outs over the warranty period!

Have you anything to add and have/are experiencing problems with Agfa.

I can be contacted on vj@totalbodycare.co.uk.  

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I'm posting for :Did you get caught too". I'm a new member to this chat boad (Flashes) and am having what appears to be a Firmware upgrade Error.

My uint is a Afga D-lab.2

I'm getting 2 mssages the Last Session  DLABmainLog file:

Error 0x0864 MB_ZA_PRP Error automatic SW Update failed last time


Error 0x087c <1> No Printer Firmware Detected.

Additional rebot message include:

No cummunication with a Module of the Printer.

We are dead in the water.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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