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Agfa dlab2 problem...


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Hi, i found these forums by googling around trying to find a solution to my problem and figured i might as well ask here..

This morning when i opened up, the dlab was not on instead the screen was black and by pressing the on button on the machine nothing was turning on, the fans are working cause i hear them. I turned off the main breaker twice and waited a few minutes and turned it back on but the dlab doesn't turn on. I don't know if it's my power supply cause i tried to switch it off and on but nothing. hopefully i'm making sense in describing my problem, i would appreciate anyone's help.

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Sounds like a power supply problem in the main computer up by the printing head (next to where the screen is). We had similar sometime back and after a quick trip to the computer store had it back up and running. Just check the power supply is the same as I think it's a slightly older type. Where are you located?

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