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I have a problem in my AGFA MSC-100


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Dear Sir,

I am Riadh TEBOULBI I have an AGFA MSC-100 and I encountered a problem on it, the  hard disk was broken and I lost the driver of the machine so I can't  do anything without ithttp://www.minilabhelp.com/blahdocs/Smilies/cry.gif

Crying , would you please tell me  how can I find the driver and if it is possible to send it to me by e-mail, I will wait for a response.http://www.minilabhelp.com/blahdocs/Smilies/roll.gif

Roll Eyes

thanks in advance

Riadh ::)

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Dear Riad.

Usually when a harddisk in an MSC goes down you have to format a new hard disk (bought from your local market).

The new harddisk can be of several Giga (only 300MB is needed!!!) and configured as primary master.

You need to install it on your desktop PC temporarily and do the following:

First Install DOS 6.22 onto it and then install MSC software 4.15 (install).

Then remove the Hard from your desktop PC and install it on the MSC.

If you do not have SW 4.15 install version I can send it to you by DHL (3 floppy disks).



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What kind of drivers you need?

If I understand you must reinstall hard disk on AGFA MSC 100. For this operation you need hard disk maximum partition 500Mb, install disks for MSDOS 6.22 and install disks 4.15 for AGFA MSC. If you have Fit instaled on your MSC 100 you need 4.43 version of software

If you need more information please contact me


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