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Black and granulation problem on Agfa D-lab 1


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I am working on such a lab and i have basicaly 2 problems:

1.on the underexposed pictures i have a big amount of granulation- more evident on fuji cristal paper- wich we use regular

2.only in film pictures i have a problem with the black level. try to imagine a picture made by  a profesionist with a good canon camera in wich the male has a black suite and the lady also a black outfit. they both have black hair. the problem is that the hair and the black clouths are not black!!!!!! they are blue. and the rest of the picture is perfect- verry nice green, wright yelow or red or white roses.

i have tryed all sort of solutions to this problems and more important to the second problem since this problem is big for a profesionist and i must tell you that the first and logical couse( contaminated chemicals) falls off since in the rest off the pictures (film or digital) the black is how it should be.

i have heard that agfa has relased (for money of course) a patch that will basicaly resolve the granulation problem and make pictures a lot more beautiful-i do not belive until i see it

this is the first agfa lab that we have -untill now we had worked on kiss minilab and more imposrtant kodak system 89 wich is made by kiss- and when i compare the things that i can do with a agfa lab compared to the system 89 is like comparing a mergedes with a lada car. in terms of software and productivity and easy of use, system 89 beats anything- i had see agfa and fuji so far- they have the same style and stiffitness in working

also does any one know a software to create templates for agfa kiosk? the templates provided by the technical staff are horible. i want to create my one templates

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