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Nice to see you on the board.

May I make a suggestion, please post details of your repair so that anyone else who suffers this problem can refer to your post and hopefully carry out their own repairs.

Hope you find this forum useful, don't be afraid to post  ;D



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bryon, welcome to minilab help.

As ever we see minilab parts being very over priced, and you are not alone with this problem, Noritsu, Fuji etc all do the same thing, and that is to charge way over the top for parts.

As Tony says, post up how you fixed the power supply, as this may help others.

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hi all we have had problens with both ps1 and ps2 we have just found out where they are made and will let you all know if we can get our 101d up and running again, i have thought of calling it a 101d lotus as its like owning one all the parts are cheaper from somewhere else as they leave the labels on the parts from where they are from, will let all of you know how i get on

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the said power supply is made by a firm in devon, and are nowhere near as exspensive as agfa are charging you can buy a power supply for 495 plus vatinstead of the 5,000 that agfa want. there are however a few changes to be made to some of the input cables though so may need some electronic knowlage to reverse cables. but still cheaper than AGFA.


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hello all

well today was spent talking to the people at teck suport at lambda and what a helpfull lot they are, we through the power switch on and crossed our fingers legs and what ever else we could. we turned the power on and waited for the 101d to warn up and tonight i printed the first prints out of it for three weeks :-),we have learned a lot this week,one thing is that agfa will gladly charge you as much as they can get, but if you have the internet and a few freinds that have electronic knowlage you can fix any machine for a lot less than what the big boys want to charge.

we are still here and printing quality prints for our customers and with no intention to print at the muppetts prices,

long live the film processors that care about quality.

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any one has proplem with ps2 power supply just try to change this part inside the power supply

(a53k umi  1o oumj  130 c) it is white resistans ,,,always this part damege first

Does anyone happen to know where I can purchase one of these?  Is there some sort of a replacement part that can safely be used instead?


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