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agfa msc 101


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I think there is more to converting the 101's to Digital than just adding a lens. Certainly requires an update IP unit (IP 3) and I believe special cables etc in the printer too. Others may be able to help further but I remember we had to get a completely different machine as our very late model anologue 101 was going to be too costly to convert.

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Much more to this than just a fix like that. You have probably been given the 8" fit lens because the quality of this is not fantastic. The 101.D prints really well on 4" using the other lens but the quality drops past 5x7". Changing the machine to a D configuration is a big job even for an experienced tech - and you'd need the factory mod kit.

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you would need a zoom asembly carrier kit as well and a lot more leads to go to iip its possible but would cost more than you think,and i think there is more to it than i have just mentioned, trust me i have had the 101d apart more than i care to have,

then i am going to have to agree photosave 6x4 prints on an optical hybryd machine are really good but any bigger you can see the hatching we sent our fit 8 back is wasnt good enough.


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