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Color problems!


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I've been trying to sort out the color on our digital prints. We use a MSC300 with the fit lenses, i've tried altering the fit but we're still way off!

We had an agfa guy come done and change one of our filters, which refreshed the prints, but i just cant seem to get it right.

Is there a procedure or routine anyone uses that could help me out?


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Once the mlcd is correct, change the fit colour balance thus:-



LCD balance

modify TLCD

for FIT or FIT 8 lenses.

When we had one of those old warhorses I had a print file that was especially colourful, inc skin tones. I used to keep this as a test print and compared it with the original, making adjustments until the colours matched.

If you run into problems call me on 01444 257535



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Thanks guys, I've been playing with the tlcd settings, but find them very flustrating - why is nothing simple? But i think i've sorted it.

I printed a picture at another lab, and just played with the settings (at least 8 hours of playing lol ) until it was there or there abouts!

We've just had the suction pump part of our turntable go down, so once the guys at O&A fix that for me, i'll take another look at it.

I think my main question was really, is there any rule of thumb way of starting - like start with yellow, then change x then y etc but i think i've got the hang of it now!

Thanks again


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