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Anyone knows about new chemicals for msc 100


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A little problem may become a big problem.

I use a Msc100 from 1999. Never I do a sirius service. Although I had changed a heater (for developer). And this happens because the DEV - replenisher stopped to make sound when the tank was empty, so the level of rack tank drops a lot and the heater became a bit of carbon~(inside perhaps).

Before three months software became unstable. The most of them became slower  so that for a printing of a 36 frame film eat 30 minutes;

So I do a reinstallation from backup folder, I change properly th pa_mc.dat to saw the right machine and I managed to rerun as pretty as before.

But what happens, and I write this post:

I have a missing file! but even with that the machine works fine. Ecxept with the service menu. It sayw that two files missing. I found these files in the backup folder, I copy them, and after a re-run of machine the copies of these two files lost;;;;

I am going to inform AGFA (I don.t have a submision for service - I never need serius service)

Ecxept all that, I have a serius problem with the new chemicals for paper developer. Before I use 3 parts and now I use one part. But I think that the replenisher solution is no so strong and make the black as blue; I fixed once with filling more solution but it seams that works for a short of period. Is the new chemical diffrent from previus one?

Is anyone using this equipment?

Here in Greece we have each year (the last two year) a change of the enterprice which serve the agfa machines........When you looking Mr A they changed to Mr B.

I pay a lot for this machine and for a long of period (5 years) I had a perfect quality without acccidents or a day off. So why they changed the developer chemical?

This is a mistery

(My english are poor...sorry)

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We use an AGFA MSC300.d which uses the same chemistry as yours. We had no problems in the summer but once volumes started falling in the winter then We noticed the blue shadow effect. I think this new chemistry needs to be worked hard with regular replenishment. Try draining about 5l out of your processing tank and top it up with fresh dev. Also up your rep-rate by about 10%.

Try this for about 2 weeks, using test strips to check. You may need to fine tune your rep-rate.



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I am late, for an answer, but now i am here.

I change the using tank, with new fresh replenisher. I do the job thinking that durty tank (a film atound the inner sides of tank) has all off the "starter" kit material, and only the liguid part must drained. Also I think that I had to increase about 50% the replenisher pumping rate. so at the end i do a perfect colour! I do the same with BX without the rate increase.

Now for a long time I see no bad photos, and with fuji superia

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