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How is Doli Machine


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Hi everybody out there.  :-/

I am from Cyprus and I have doli DL-1810 Digital Minilab.

I am in this business since 1977 and I have used Noritsu, Agfa, Fuji, Sitte, Darst, Omega, etc...

I got a decision to by a Doli which was the worst decision in my life.

From the first moment they install the machine the problems started.  It's been almost two years now and the machine is out of order.

So what happen during this time:

Local technicians came to my shop over 90 times from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. I used to have a technician once in a year in my shop.

From China 3 different times 4 different technicians came and spent over 30 days from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

They change almost all the parts twice on this machine and finally they said "Magnetism is the problem. Get the machine out of this shop and try. "

:D :D :D

We did that as well. No result.

This machine is not working at all. They don't give service any more. From the beginning  they refuse to change this faulty machine.

Problems we got:

0- Strong black lines all over the pictures.

1-  Lens table motor drive was broken within the first month.  

2- Impossible to calibrate the paper.For each size you need over 20 times to read colors for calibration. Few minutes later calibration is lost and you have to start over.

3- Warning Display Failure!!

4-  Tape Release Failure!!

5-  Separator Blocked!!

6-  The machine doesn’t start in the morning. Timer doesn't work

7-  Back printer doesn’t work.

8-  Exposure unit reflecting light and damage the pictures. They closed over 30 holes on the machine with black tape.

9-  Lines on the pictures. Tabkord not steady. Every 3-4 weeks you need to calibrate.

10-  Paper bending. When the pictures

11-  Pictures stack often in the cutter unit.

12-  The color of pictures is not steady. When you send one picture for many copies.    The colors are not the same. (On any size).

13-  We print 6 passport size pictures on 10x15 .  The colors of pictures doesn’t match each other.

14-  Frame not steady. Unsteady Cassette Offset

15-  Pictures out of focus.

16- Cannot find source!! During printing stop printing.

18- Lafot stop responding(crashing) When you click to open files.

many more...


Finally, what happened is My business is damaged. I lost all my customers. I have machine to sell for spare parts. My advice is:

Don't ever think to buy Doli Machine!!!

Regards to everybody,


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Hi hilmitopal, Keith,

Thank you for your reply. The name of my local seller is Phototechnical ltd. They are the dealer in Cyprus. Because they can't fix the machine, they prefer not to give any more service.

Miss. Charlene Wu who is the manager of Doli, she send technicians from China and they destroy the machine completely. They went immediately to the airport and they said the machine it's ok. Check the lines on the test print above to see how they left the machine.

Now, I already call Miss. Charlene Wu and she said that she has nothing to do with me. She forgot that she sent the technicians to me.

Dear Keith,

The lines you see above on the test picture is on all sizes and all pictures.  But This is only one of the many problems our Doli Minilab DL-1810 has.

Can you tell me please how can they advertise that they give 5 years part warranty and they sold me faulty, bad manufactured machine which they couldn't fix the problems for 2 years, and they left me with no answer and no service.

Unfortunately we already lost many customers. Only the money I lost from three customers is over 90.000 euros. I am still paying the bank for the loan I got to buy the Doli. I can't invest any more money for another machine.

I really don't know what to do with this machine and this company. Any advices....



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Hi Mark,

Tnx for your reply.

I called and spoke with Miss. Charlene a week ago. They know the situation very well. They have image samples as well. But she said:

-"I don't know you. You should speak with Phototechnical Ltd."

I remind her that she call me in the past twice for the problems of the machine. Her Chinese technicians during their last visit in June they destroy the machine completely and they left. This is done by the best technicain "Ricky and another guy".

I am planning to sue technicians as well because they destroy the machine completely.



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Hristos you have to get Doli Minilab company to the court.

It's unbelievable to buy brand new machine and not work.

I was thinking to buy Doli Minilab DL-1810. Now I worrying if I buy a machine from Doli and If the machine has problems.

They try and try to fix for years.....

If they are not be able to fix. They live you as it is and go..

I am really wondering about your business now.

What do you do without printing machine.


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Hi Mark,

Tnx for your adivce. I tried to contact PMA and nobody reply me.

Unfortunately I don't have any other choice except getting them to the court. The company doesn't respond. The dealer doesn't respond.

The Doli Minilab Company is not a serious company. The money I lost with DL_1810 Doli Minilab I could by two Noritsu Minilabs.

Tnx for the advice.

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i am supprised about stability of DL-1810, i am  a dealer here in Kenya and we have sold more than 30 machines, Doli machines are very stabloe especially Dl-2300, i have never sold Dl-1810  and cannot comment about its stability, However  from my point of view your problem

(i) Unstable Quality on paper cassete- this is caused by wrong configuration of cassette/magazine- magnet

(ii) Tap release failure caused by paper jam before paper released from cutter to platform or  paper jam after platform check all sections

(iii) lines on photo  caused by mask - you need to do mask calibration/ check voltage of Lcd driver board Vmost SID1,SID2 -voltage

(iii) Back print  -install a new back print  and balance with three papers

otherwise enjoy doli, if you keep on with negative attitude, psychologically you might not enjoy using the machine

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Hi, Arapsegoi,

First of all our staff is Computer Engineer and Professional Photographer. DL_1810 is not steady at all. Our machine never worked.

From China, from the factory 4 times they send technicians to Cyprus. They couldn't fix the problems. They don't answer back to our emails. We paid for 5 years spare parts guarantee, the machine is only 2 years old. Now the machine is collapse.

Please answer this question if you are a dealer:

What do you do if you spend over 60 working days in your customers shop and you can not  fix the problems?

You turn your back to your customer and go?


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so sorry to hared about your machine issues. its true that DOLI machines are not that much good in quality and in terms of reliability. off- course they are cheap in price wise and many people buy because they cant able to buy expensive digital minilabs. but many don't know expensive digital minilabs like fuji, noritsu, etc... can able to use at least 8-12 years. so they are worth for the money. but cheaper digital solutions will work up to 3-4 years max. and again need to invest more money to continue business. also its true that worst equipment will  create a bad name in the local market, which may affect future business.

i wonder about your statement that "They change almost all the parts twice on this machine and finally they said "Magnetism is the problem. Get the machine out of this shop and try. "

wish this kind of situation shouldn't happened with any customer in future..

thanks for sharing your experience.


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[/Hi Abrarkhan - You need to give more information when asking for help, what model machine and LCD do you have and what is the problem? I had a control PCB for a Sony 036 LCD fixed by the original designer/manufacturer very cheaply after Doli quoted lots for a replacement.


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It is useless to sue Chinese companies located in China...

lots of companies have tried  but all was on vain.

I guess  you need to sue the local representative (who sold it to you) and arrest all its posessions.

Or try to fix it by yourself...

I think there is an Image PCB problem which brings you such stripes.

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I have read about your problem...here is an idea for you to try. It is obvious your machine is a lemon! Find out when Doli is having a show or going to be at a PMA, PPA, PMA..ect. Show up there with your story and samples of your prints and approach everyone you can who is looking at there machines. Tell them what kind of service you received and that you have a machine that Doli has not fixed, let alone address your issue. Warn them that this can happen to them and they should look at another company. I will guarantee you will get a response from Doli and they will have to address the issue in order for you to stop. As for suing, yes you can go after your distributor only if they made any claims or sold you the service warranty. Doli would be the one responsible for product not your distributor, unless they made claims or warranties. Have to get a reaction out of Doli in China, is not suing, doesn't work. You have to write to Doli's company director and let them know you have had your money stolen from them on their product and you have suffered great financial harm. That you are reporting the company to Governmental Officials for there criminal actions. Also, threaten to them that you are reporting Doli for there criminal actions in you home country also. In China there mentality and custom is much different then most if not all other countries. When an outsider from another country tries to sue, is just business and holds not weight or resolve. But, when you threaten there reputation with there own, such as those in charge of them.."The Chinese Government" they will jump! Remember...the government considers these actions as criminal in there country. It is dealt with stiff fines and removal of those in charge of the company. Although companies are free to do business and reap prophets, they are all ran by stick control by the government. In order to deal with Chinese, you have to think like one.

I wish you the best and hope you can get some resolve, by getting your machine replaced......AND DON'T EVER BUY A DOLI...THEY ARE JUNK!!!

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