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Help with Gretag/San Marco Machine Problems


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Hi to all you Gretag/San Marco owes,

We at Labmaster Services Limited, are happy to help you with you machines problems,

We have a number of X Gretag Services Engineers,

Please contract by email to starts with

with the following information.

Machine Type:

Problem with Machine:

your Company Name and A contact Name



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I believe the desk you are talking about is a 135 Vertical automatic film transport PN 141401151, I can get you a new one, but i will have to get a the price with San Marco. If you can wait until tuesday or wednesday I can  see if we have a second-hand unit at the workshop?


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We have lots of parts for the 1812 including Manual Deck, Auto 135 Deck

APs auto Deck New zoom lens  (also new zoom lens for the MFA) various fixed lens for the 1812 Auto Deck for the Master Lab plus Cassettes to fit the 1812 and the odd roller, together with a few boards and APS decks for the MFA

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