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gretag 740 wont initialise bulb defective message


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Hi Guys

looking for some help trying to get an old gretag 740 up and running with a led d carrier

but every time it goes to initialise printer deck it comes up with bulb defective message now the bulb is not defective as it lights up ok briefly but then goes out (also checked bulbs on other machines) then goes back into initialise cycle i have changed all 3 boards in the electronics section ie podis board etc anyone remember or know if the printer lamp is connected in any way to the main power supply board cant remember if it is or not and have stripped plenty of these in the past for parts etc.

But this problem has me baffled beginning to think its something on the main power supply board at fault although machine is all working ok and powers up fine etc just wont let me inialise it to get into printing mode.

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are you using film printing?

if you do not use it, you can use your GPE led carrier. You do not need to use printer lamp.

when error comes DO NOTING.

put carrier head go on.

if you want to replace your lamp power supply which is on the right side up and back over magazine cover.

Sait Terekli

istanbul -Turkey

mobil:+90 533 712 44 27

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