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Need driver - MK4


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Hello !

After our harddisk´s crashed we got 2 new one and the technician installed the new software.

After that our CD-Burner crashed, too.

We bought a new one from LG (LG GH22 NP 20 - DVD-Burner) but now the button at the software is missing. The technician said a software driver is missing but he can´t help us.

I think the software is the problem.

I have to click at the button to read the CDs and DVDs - no problem.

But there is no button anymore to save the photos at the CD or DVD.

The DVD-Burner isn´t the problem, too. If I install nero I can burn CDs and DVDs with no problem.

The software is the problem.

Can anyone help us ?

Maybe I have to change anything at the system ini files ?



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Because reading from the drive is done by Windows.

Where as to write to the drive you need writing software, this software is controlled/ driven by the machine.

I'm guessing LG must use a slightly different instruction set that is not compatible with the machines CD writing software.

I've had exactly the same issue on Noritsu machines. I've never got a LG drive write CD's on a Noritsu, reading DVD/CD's is not a problem.

Sony (Optiarc), Samsung, Lite-On, Plextor all work OK with Noritsu, maybe the same is true for your machine.

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Hallo Janine

Windows benötigt keinen Treiber für das DVD/CD-RW, jedoch werden von der MK Minilabsoftware nur gewisse Laufwerke unterstütz.

Wir können haben die korrekten DVD/CD-RW mit einem passendem patch File verfügbar.

Fals intresse besteht, bitte kontaktiere uns auf folgender e-mail:


Freundliche Grüsse

Digitalcolor Team

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