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ERROR 22029 ON GRETAG 1008 D

Sait Terekli

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i am calling you from  Turkey. i am minilab service technician.

my customer has Gretag 1008 D minilab and there is an alarm which its number 22029.

it says:The lamp intencity has changed since the last master calibration. Delete this message, if you have changed the lamp since

the last master calibration. in other cases it may indicate a problem.

we changed all lamp system , DMDU board and all around it's boards. and Dezaley2 board. nothing changed. it is the same error.

error is like that: when we print first time , front of the paper goes to the paper processor, it is normal. but when we print test or

an order , paper comes under expose station and exposed and stay there all time , does not go to the processor. why? what is the problem?

please give me a solution and mail to me.

with my best wishes

Sait Terekli , istanbul - Turkey

msn and mail:saitterekli@hotmail.com

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Clean the lamp hous and its filter.

Check the voltage on the lamp on the green connector outside off the lamp house, it should be 12V +/- 0.2V, adjusting is done on the big power supply bellow MDU board.

A lot of times this sconnector is in the bad condition and Ususall I cut it and connect it with luster kleme (I do not know the proper term in English, it is used by electritian to connect the wires).

Clean the lamp house filter.

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Dear Friends,

in another minilab i checked service/paper track/system/fetch and advance and leave , they are working well,

but in my minilab when i control it from service/paper track/system/fetch, paper comes on expose deck and stay there, it is normal but second time it does not work, or when i push on advance also it does not work, leave button does not work.

i did not control hard disk. if you give me more solution that i can control all of them, thanks for all to you..

Sait Terekli

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Are there any time out errors ?

Have you checked the 3 belts and its bearings just before paper processor (buffer), also check and clean the 3 buffer exit sensors?

I had recently strange behavior like that, first print would go in the paper processor but second one would stayed on the exposure deck or in the roll feeder.

The problem was that print was coming out too slow on the center roller section in the exit off the buffer section.

Also only the middle (center) exit belt was stiff when turning the belt manually.

On the end the problem was that paper developer tank was deformated in the middle and form the burell distortion in the middle which then made the mechanical pressure on the buffer exit plastic roller with bearing.

I put a folded piece off the print between the tank and the metal frame and that released the preasure form that bearing.

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