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Error 42078  Help!!


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Thank you from all of you that want to help me, i have tried to check the fuse F15 to F25 exepted the F22/F23 in the dezaley board 2,but all of the fuses are OK, I have been trying to  load backup from ZIP drive but it didn´t help too.Freenchman can you tell me where i can exactally find the 5V fuse for the Wetpart film, in which part of the minilab is this and how in detalies, or does anyone have any idea where problem is?



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1) Look in the dezaley board1 if the LED in the right side  =>

D1:LED blinks every second and indicates that the board is running.

D2/D3:They are blinking if the software reads the digital temperature sensors and there is no problem

D4:When ON, the software is in a crash interrupt, there is a problem on the board

2) look in the dezaley board2 if D6 is ON or OFF   D6 =+/-5Vdc if it's ok check each level sensor and temp sensor  normaly for the film but look the paper also

if is not ok change the 5Vdc power supply

Like Pskaro i'm not a gretag specialist

frenchman .

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