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Broken Rack ?


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we have a 1008d and we find that if its a gear, it fails completly,normally one of the two main connectiong ones near the top of the rack, you have to replace the whole drive roller at about £150, i have in the past managed to fit a gear from RS as a tempory 'get me going' solution , i would lift the rack out completly and turn the rack by hand, to make sure that all the rollers turn, if there is only one roller not going round, it could be one of the other connecting gears down the rack , but you should be abvle to see when you lift it out.

if all the rollers are turning, is the rack clean?

our 1008 has just done the same, but we are taking it out of service

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I notice you have posted before about a similar problem before is it a masterlab you have? if so which model i had similar problems and found some of the rollers going bad and just replaced the rollers also some of the bands on the side holding these in place had some how come off and got lost,its probably and easy fix if its still all turning just a matter of stripping the rack down fairly easy job bit time consuming just remember where you took all the roolers from i also have a few spare racks i bought still in a box for the paper side let me know what model you have they may fit can probably send you some bits.

regards derek

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Respected sir,

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Rushi Laheru

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