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San Marko Italy

Trevor brown

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hi Trevor, having seen the rep. not to long ago, and having a quote in front of me now for the Marko MK10 (made in switzerland- apparently the other two models in the line are still being made in Italy) I would guesse that you should be able to get spares for some while.

My understanding is they have been purchased by the SMI group, and are trading out of Blackheath as;

                             Marko ltd.

                             Unit 14, Blackheath Business Centre

                             Blackheath Hill


                              SE10 8BA

                               Tel. no. 0870 403 6470 (sales)

                               Fax       0870 403 6474

                               email; sales-uk@smi-grp.com

Don't know if that is any help to you, they seem keen to sell me a new machine, so it would be interesting to see how they handle your enquiry, let us know how you get on.



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SMI Group Italy is the holding company for SIT Switzerland, and regional offices and facilities in the UK ,Spain, Russia, South East Asia and the USA.

SIT Switzerland is the main manufacturing base for the MK10 along with the major components for both the MK4 and MK6, which are then assembled in the factory in Italy.

SMI Italy is still operating at the same rate as previously, but will in the forthcoming weeks make some staff redundant in order to streamline the Italian operation and make the business more cost effective.

SIT Switzerland is trading very aggressively, achieving one of the best sales month for this year, with the help of Photokina Exhibition and the liaison with Kodak.

Marko UK is also trading very aggressively and had great pleasure in launching the New MKDry minilab at the The Pharmacist Show at the NEC in October, which I can confirm was a huge success with the customers, production of this new minilab will commence in December and will be available for delivery in the UK in mid January.

At the Marko offices and warehouse in London we hold around

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