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Marko Ltd are pleased to announce the appointment of it's new sales force consisting of Paul Waterworth covering the North of England, Scotland, & North Wales.

Graham Brough covering London and the East and Alan Lamport covering South Wales and the South West of England. We all look forward to seeing you at Focus and showing the DIMA award winning range of digital minilabs. :)

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I came on Monday. The guys on stand duty were inattentive in a vague way and merely answered the questions I asked but did little to explore anything else. Nice stand, reasonable kit. Mooneyman rating of the entire Marko experience 6/10

Fuji were extremely attentive - although the stand was cramped and uninvitiing - but generally non-committal (unsure?) about the 500 model. Scored 6/10

Noritsu had a massive stand with a wealth of kit and lots of staff. Scored 7.5/10 (that web kiosk looks a winner 10/10)

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Don't know who the mooneyman is but by all acount his view was right, having just attended a KEX meeting 2 guys from the SE where both after machines and whilst they said Mark  gave a great demo the sales guy was not interested. That needs sorting Len  you still have a great product but it has to be SOLD  and SERVICED

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