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master flex A 1012


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I know Gretag are out of business and San Marco Imaging took over the company. That shouldn't be a problem as spare parts are concerned. I just want to know if the minilab is reliable and what quality are the printed photographs.I was hesitating between the Masterflex and Agfa MSC 101.d. I have also considered buying Noritsu QSS 2611 VFP4 or QSS 2301 CRT. I am a photographer but a new comer into the minilab business. I do need some feedback on the Masterflex if anyone has used it.

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Hi Ahcene

  We have one and it produces goodquality prints. You need to rise the cross overs twice weekly to stop chemical build up from scratching prints we also do an emulsion test within 2 hours of the printer test on all papers twice a week to give excellent from a 6x4 upto 18x12. This machine came third place in the last Kodak 20/20 audit it took two digital labs to do better we losts piont for  three specs of dust. It produces just as good prints any of the local digital labs and in some case even better the only lab that prints  better is  the Mfd sitting opposite the Mfa.

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I have 2 shops 1 has the mfa and the other mfd (We still owe several thousands of pounds on this unit ,As we just bought it before digital exploded) i would also be keen to see what the supplier is asking for it? quality of prints is good main problem is dust, spares don't seem to be a problem (Yet) i would however sugest getting into the digital arena as film processing is falling away.

It would be nice to know what ours is currently worth!

Please contact me if you want more user info on this unit, or better still you can email my wife (Lesley) who knows much more about the mfa than myself.

email: newmarketphoto@aol.com

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Thanks Denis and Andy for your help.I think I will go for the Masterflex. If you can get good pictures from it that's all I am asking for. I know digital is better and here to stay but still a bit more expensive. I will probably need to upgrade in the near future but the digital revolution has not yet taken Algeria by storm. I for one use mostly digital photography (I own a Nikon DH2 digital camera along several Nikon analogue cameras) as I need to edite the pictures before printing but the minilab business is still for silver halide.There are very few digital labs and they mostly print from film. So as long as the masterflex can deliver nice quality pictures, I am more than happy;if it can compete with digital minilab that's a lot better.

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