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mfA 1012+ d-carrier


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   Hello to all of you!I was looking to buy a digital minilab but because my budget at the moment is aprox. 30 grand i thought that it might be a good idea of buying gretag master flex 1012 and combine that with a d-carrier.My concern is about the mfa 1012 itself as it would be a used minilab.I love the specifications of  A1012 but thats all i know about it.I would like to know what do you think about A1012,or things that i need to know about it and what do you think about the combination with d-carrier.

   Thank's in advance... :-/

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 Hello Neil how are you mate?I m two steps away before closing a deal for the A1012 with a d-carrier for 29.500 euros.On wednesday i ll be going and test the machine.I would like to know reasons that i should not make this move and what other choices do i have  with a budget of 30 grand.Isn't d-carrier good enough for printing digital files?I'm very confused mate i realy need your help.

Thanks in advance.  

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